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Rubim de Toledo

Bassist . Composer . Educator (www.rubim.com)

"Edmonton’s Rubim de Toledo has shown himself to be one of the most consistently inspired musical tailors in Alberta jazz" - Edmonton Journal (2017)


WCMA Award  

Rubim wins:

Jazz Artist of the Year 2018

(Western Canadian Music Award)


Rubim de Toledo nominated for:


(Edmonton Music Awards)


Rubim de Toledo nominated as:


(Western Canadian Music Awards)



CD Releases

the Gap


The Gap (2017)









Tocar Tambor (2018)

Group: Montuno West



Chris Andrew // Piano & Keyboards
Rubim de Toledo // Bass
Raul Tabera // Drums & Percussion
Luis Tovar // Drums & Percussion
Special Guest:
Luis Bonilla // Trombone






The BRidge Cover


The Bridge (2014)




the River

The River (2009)







Downloadable Songs

Listen to more music at my Soundcloud page (Bottom Dweller Music)

(To download files, please RIGHT click (Mac: Option click) on the link and click 'Save Target As...')

Song Title  Album Style
1. Winter's Here the Bridge Modern Jazz Download Mp3  
2. The Bridge the Bridge Modern Jazz Download Mp3  
3. River's Edge the Bridge Acoustic Jazz Download Mp3  
4. Autumn Celeste the Bridge Modern Jazz Ballad Download Mp3  
5. Maidens the Bridge Modern Jazz Download Mp3  
6. Cuatro Caminos Cuatro Caminos (Bomba) Latin Jazz Download Mp3  
7. Bulla Entre Sol y Luz Latin Jazz Download Mp3  
8. Cannonball  the River Acoustic Jazz Download Mp3  Leadsheet
9. The River - Part 3 the River Modern Jazz Download Mp3
10. The One That Got Away  the River Modern Jazz Ballad Download Mp3
11. Sabes Que  Seu Swing Latin Download Mp3
12. Deeper Down Seu Swing Acoustic Jazz Download Mp3  Leadsheet
13. Plume In Charcoal and Crimson Nu-Jazz Download Mp3
14. Sirens In Charcoal and Crimson Nu-Jazz Download Mp3
15. Sonhos  In Charcoal and Crimson Nu-Jazz Download Mp3


Alberta bassist and composer, Rubim de Toledo, combines the influences of his Brazilian heritage and his dedication to the jazz tradition, to create an approach to music that is refreshing and uplifting.  Boasting a diverse rhythmic palette inspired by world music, jazz, and contemporary music, a lure towards improvisation and a forward-looking traditionalism, Rubim nurtures a commanding sound and style as a bassist, soloist, and composer.

Rubim began his professional career in Edmonton at the age of seventeen performing with Albertan Jazz legends, Tommy Banks, PJ Perry and Clarence “Big” Miller.  Since then he has become a sought-after sideman and a productive bandleader. 

With his fifth and newest release, “The Gap,” Rubim distinguishes himself as a composer with a unique ability to explore jazz styles while maintaining a sound that is modern yet inviting.  Featuring internationally renowned drummer Jason Marsalis on half the record, and Albertan mainstay Jon McCaslin on the other, along with pianist Chris Andrew, the disc boasts inventive acoustic jazz trio arrangements embellished by compelling solo improvisations.

Rubim has worked extensively as musical director with Calgary’s Decidedly Jazz Danceworks.  He is a passionate music educator and serves as the section head of the bass department at MacEwan University.

In 2018, Rubim won the Western Canadian Music Award for Jazz Artist of Year and was nominated for a 2018 Edmonton Music Award.


"Rubim de Toledo: a Canadian from Alberta, of Brazilian origin and a well-established musician. Like many modern improvisers, his influences are diverse; that said his music fits squarely into the Jazz mainstream. The first thing to grab me was his big rounded tone, gifting the tunes with a richness and beauty that captivated from start to finish. While most bass sits deep within the mix, de Toledo’s voice spoke clearly; not by overcrowding his band-mates nor by punching through the others as an electric bassist might, but because every musical utterance sounded right. His melodicism and clarity of ideas were enhanced by devices which I found appealing; his occasional and appropriate use of vibrato at the end of a line, sometimes, rarely, he combined this with a slight bending of the note. He is definitely a successor to the Evans trio model; a bassist who communicates as an equal." - Concert Review - John Fenton, Auckland, New Zealand (read more at jazzlocal32.com)

"Edmonton’s Rubim de Toledo has shown himself to be one of the most consistently inspired musical tailors in Alberta jazz, an excellent, in-demand bassist, a gifted composer-arranger and a smart bandleader, too." - Edmonton Journal (2017)

"De Toledo fuses the rhythmic styles of Latin American music and post-war American jazz evoking, Heitor Villa-Lobos, contemporary salsa, Charlie Parker and John Coltrane –The eternal challenge is to innovative material that is thoughtful, challenging, accessible, listenable and enjoyable. Rubim de Toledo’s The River is all of that" - Legacy Magazine

"It knocks me out, first for how de Toledo's writing and arranging sets up tasty harmonies, then for the depth of intuitive playing and the excellent sound that captures it, and finally for some intangible element we'll just call soul" – Roger Levesque


Rubim de Toledo Trio

Section Head / Bass - MacEwan University (www.macewan.ca)

Monunto West - Latin-Jazz

Invertigo Trio - Modern Jazz

Meta-Mofo - Afro-beat / Funk

reClaim Collective - Nu-Jazz / Improvised Music

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks - frequent Musical Director (www.decidedlyjazz.com)


Selected Performances (Upcoming)

April 26 to May 11 - Musical Director w DJD's Lovestruck (Calgary)

May 4th - Rubim de Toledo Trio at Kawa - 3pm

May 21 - Montuno West @ Yardbird Suite

June 1 - w Fernanda Cunha @ Yardbird Suite

June 5 - Montuno West @ Cliff Bungalow Jazz Series (Calagary)

June 8th - Montuno West @ Lethbridge Jazz Festival (Lethbridge)

June 13 - w Jim Brenan @ Lethbridge Jazz Festival (Lethbridge)

June 15 - Montuno West @ Frankie's (Vancouver)

June 21 - w Mboya Nicholson @ Edmonton Jazz Festival

June 25 - w Chris Andrew @ Edmonton Jazz Festival

June 26 - w Dave Babcock @ Edmonton Jazz Festival

June 29 - w Montuno West @ Edmonton Jazz Festival

June 30 - w EDJE @ Edmonton Jazz Festival

Aug 10/22 w Edmonton Folk Festival w Andrea House

Selected Performances (Past)

April 7 - w Mboya Nicholson @ jazz reflections

April 5/6 - w Jim Brenan @ Yardbird Suite

March 17 - w Jens Lindemann @ Yardbird Suite

February 19 - w Andrew Glover @ Yardbird Suite

Jan 10 to 20 - Music Director w DJD (Calgary)

Dec 7/8 - w Jim Brenan @ Yardbird Suite. CD Release

Nov 29 - w Kate Blechinger. CD Release @ Yardbird Suite

Nov 25 - reClaim Collective @ Naked Cyber Cafe

Nov 17 - w Penny Sandborn @ the Chamber Music Society of St. Alberta (St. Albert)

Nov 2 - w Mallory Chipman @ Bluechair

Nov 1 - w Mboya Nicholson @ Yardbird Suite

October 27 - Alberta Music Conference 2 MacEwan University (Jazz voice spotlight concert)

October 20 - w Penny Sanborn @ Roza Centre (U of C, Calgary)

October 18 - w Penny Sanborn @ the Muttart Conservatory

Oct 6 - w Penny Sanborn @ the Confectionery 2pm

October 11 - w John Sweenie @ Yardbird Suite

Sept 28 - Montuno West CD RELEASE CONCERT @ Yardbird Suite

August 26 - reClaim Collective @ Naked Cyber Cafe

August 20 to 24 - MacEwan Summer Jazz Camp

July 8 - reClaim Collective @ Naked Cyber Cafe

July 7 - Feets Festival

July 4 - Feets Festival Music Workshop

June 30 w Chris Andrew @ Edmonton Jazz Festival 10pm

June 29 - w John Sweenie @ Edmonton Jazz Festival 12 noon

June 27th - w Audrey Ochoa @ Edmonton Jazz Festival 10pm

June 23 - Rubim de Toledo Quartet @ Edmonton Jazz Festival (Blue Chair)

May 26 - w Dave Babcock @ Peace River

May 8th - Rubim de Toledo's reClaim Collective @ Yardbird Suite

May 5th - w Maracujah @ Rocky Mountian Icehouse

May 1 - w Tom Van Seters @ Yardbird Suite

March 10 - w the Payback @ the Rockey Mountain Icehouse

March 1 - w Marc Beaudin @ Yardbird Suite. Bossa Nova Concert

Feb 14 - Tommy Bank Memorial @ Winspear Centre

Feb 11 - w Yardbird Suite Jazz Orchestra

Jan 27 - w Sienna Dahien @ Yardbird Suite

Jan 26 - w Payback @ Rocky Mountain Icehouse

Jan 25 - w Jeremiah McDade @ Yardbird Suite

Dec 22 - w Payback @ Rocky Mountain Icehouse

Dec 16 - w Phil Dwyer @ JZZYYC (Calgary)

Dec 8/9 - MacEwan University Jazz Faculty Band @ Yardbird Suite

Dec 2 - w Penny Sanborn @ Blue Chair Cafe

Nov 24/25 - w Yardbird Suite All Stars 100th Birthday of Thelonious Monk @ Yardbird Suite

Nov 9 - Rubim de Toledo duo @ the Muttart Conservatory.

Nov 4 - w John Sweenie @ Yardbird Suite

Oct 26 - The Banff Mountain Project w Jack Wilkins and violinist Sara Caswell @ MacEwan University

Oct 22 - w Chris Andrew @ Jazz Reflections Otwell.

Oct 21 - w Johanna Sillanpaa @ Yardbird Suite

Oct 20 - U2/Police tribute w Payback @ Rocky Mountain Icehouse

Oct 14 - CD RELEASE CONCERT @ Yardbird Suite

Sept 22 - w Benny Sharoni @ Yardbird Suite

Sept 16 - w Penny Sanborn Edmonton Accordion Extravaganza, St. John's Cultural Centre

Sept 9 - Brazilfest (Calgary)

Sept 1 - @ Blue Chair w Allison Lynch

Aug 20 to 25 - MacEwan Summer Jazz Camp

Aug 17 to 27 - Chasing Willie @ Edmonton Fringe Festival

August 5th - w Meta Mofo (Calgary)

July 19 - Rubim de Toledo Trio @ the Creative Jazz CLub (Auckland, New Zealand)

July 1 - w Doug Organ Edmonton International Jazz Festival

June 30 - Rubim de Toledo Trio @ Edmonton Jazz Festival 12 nooon.

June 25 -w Chris Andrew @ Edmonton Jazz Festival. 10pm

June 24 - Rubim de Toledo Trio @ Edmonton Jazz Festival. 10pm

June 16 - w Jim Brenan Tentet. Calgary Jazz Festival

June 15 - w Allison Lynch. Cd Release Concert @ Festival Hall (Calgary)

May 24th w Rubim de Toledo w/ special guest Jason Marsalis @ Blue Chair

May 19 - w Fernanda Cunha @ Yardbird Suite

May 13 - w Dave Babcock @ Blue Chair

May 10th - Rubim de Toledo Trio (Polish Canadian Cultural Centre, Calgary)

April 20 - May 6th - Musical Director. Decidedly Jazz Danceworks' Modern Vaudevillians (Calgary)

Apr 8 - w Luis Bonilla and Montuno West - Jazzyyc (Calgary)

Mar 28 - Rubim de Toledo Trio @ Yardbird Suite

Mar 24 - 60th Anniversary Weekend @Yardbird Suite

Mar 18 - w Jim Brenan @ Cliff Bungalow (Calgary)

Feb 18 - w Meta Mofo @ Wine-Oh's (Calgary)

Feb 11-14 - Chasing Willie (Fort Edmonton Park)

Feb 10 - w Jerrold Dubyk, Latin-Jazz concert @ Yardbird Suite

Jan 20/21 - w Brad Turner, Tribute to Miles Davis. Birth of the Cool and Bitches Brew @ Yardbird Suite

Jan 15 - w the Jump Orchestra, Swing n' Skate @ City Hall. 1 to 4pm

Jan 5 - w Leesila Dawkins, Cd Release @ Blue Chair

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